Understanding Financial Statements

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How good are you at understanding Financial Statements?

Do you feel confident looking at a Balance Sheet or Income Statement?

Are you trying to keep your own books but don't know your Gross Margin from your Cost of Goods Sold?

Then you need some accounting training on Financial Statements.

It's essential that every small business owner regularly monitor sales, cost of sales, expenses, and profit, but also assets, liabilities, and equity amounts.  And this means not only preparing but also really understanding your Financial Statements.

Learn the basic accounting concepts behind understanding financial statements in my easy-to-follow e-book.

This e-book is 84 pages of content, and it's a step-by-step guide with real examples to help you learn how to read  and understand Financial Statements.

Do you know the difference between Gross Margin and Profit?

Do you know what's included in Cost of Goods Sold?

Do you know what the Current Ratio is and why it's important?

Do you know what your Net Worth is?

Do you know how much debt you have relative to your Assets? And why you should care?

Do you know that Assets = Liabilities + Equity?

Find out the answers to these questions and much, much more.

What you'll learn in this e-book:

*the basic formats of each statement - Balance Sheet,Income Statement and Statement of Cashflows, so you'll know what you're looking at

*the basic accounting concepts necessary to understand each financial statement

*why assets and liabilities show you as much as profit or loss

*what your owner's equity amount really means

*how to prepare an income statement

*how to prepare a balance sheet

*how to prepare a statement of cash flows

*how you can have a profit but no cash


No fancy computer skills are necessary.

No actual accounting skills are necessary either - just follow the examples.

Learn how to customize your financial statements to meet your specific needs.


Who will benefit:

Any small business owner - either home-based, part-time, or full-time, new or already established. Or anyone considering starting a small business.

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

I'm sure you're going to get a lot of this product. But, if you're not completely satisfied, ask for a complete refund.

So get your copy of How to Read & Understand Your Financial Statements for Small Business Owners today!

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