How do I pay my 14 year-old to do small record keeping in my business?

by Jessica
(Crawfordville, GA)

Here's a Submission from my Ask the Expert page:

Jessica writes:

I want to pay my 14 year old daughter for maintaining and recording receipts and expenses into our recordkeeping software, but I don't know if she is old enough for minimum wage and payroll taxes and filling out I-9 and w-2s and w-4s. I need to know how to handle payroll for her.

Me and my husband have a small home business that we are actively working and I am in charge of the bookkeeping and also will be paid. Both me and my daughter will be paid monthly and I know I will be paid minimum wage (because you can't pay less than that- won't that be illegal?). We live in the state of Georgia.

Can you help me? I want to get this payroll thing right! Thank you in advance for your help!!
Thanks Jessica!

The first thing I want to say is that a minor her age working for her parents - as long as she is not doing anything designated as 'hazardous' - is exempt from federal child labor laws.

I'm not sure about Georgia, though. Go to the Dept of Labor site for your state, at for more info about your state's regulations about hours she can work and how many etc. Also for info on the youth minimum wage for your state. Family members may also be exempt from the minimum wage, but check your state website.

If you have any other payroll questions, I'll be happy to help, just let me know!

Good luck with your business!


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