How do I get my customers to pay on time?

by Craig
(Cleveland, OH)

I run an auto repair shop out of my garage. I usually get paid when they pick up their car or truck, so that's no problem. But some businesses ask me to send an invoice to their business. I don't mind doing that, but then what if they don't pay right away? Any ideas?


Thanks for writing!

Every small business accounting system needs a good method for collecting accounts receivable. The system I use and recommend is a 3 step process that starts with an invoice, then in 10 days you send out a reminder, in another 10 days you send out a past due notice, and perhaps a phone call. I rarely have trouble with a customer going past those 30 days. For more info check out this page on my site

or click on the Accounts Receivable tab on the Table of Contents here on the left, and at the bottom of that page there's a link also.

Hope that helps you with collecting accounts receivable Craig, and thanks again for visiting my site!


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