How can I make a flow chart of my rice production for accounting?

(Davao City)

How can I make a flow chart from production to packing? How do I make an accounting system for my rice production?


I'm assuming you want to record your costs involved in planting, harvesting, and selling your rice yield.

Here is what I usually suggest to anyone who is wondering how to set up an accounting system - you can set up a manual system, using a cash receipts journal and a cash disbursements journal to record all your business transactions, or you can use a computer software package like QuickBooks, and post all your sales and expenses into the software.

Either way you will be able to prepare an Income Statement (or Profit & Loss) from your data.

It just depends on what you feel more comfortable with. The manual system can be either pen and paper or Microsoft Excel, it's up to you.

For more information on this, I'm going to refer you to this page -

Hope that helps!

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