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I own a S Corp which consists of 3 restaurants. I sold one and paid the bank off for the other 2 with part of the money I received from the sale. How do I enter this in my chart of accounts.


Wow. This is a complicated question, and I'd need more information to answer it correctly.

You have several things going on here. You're selling a property and business. You're paying off loans. There's depreciation and book value to consider. There's loan payoff amounts and interest to consider.

There is no 'pat' answer to this question.

I can say in general terms, when you sell a business, you normally receive cash and pay off a loan, and also dispose of assets and a loan.

For example, you sell Joe's Restaurant for $40,000. And there's no loan on it.

You receive cash of $40,000.
You record the sale of assets - building, equipment, etc. - by crediting your asset accounts, debiting your Accumlated Depreciation accounts, (asset value less accumulated depreciation is called book value) and posting a Gain or a Loss on the Sale of said asset.

If there's a loan on that asset it gets trickier. There's more to consider, bank payoff amounts, interest paid, etc.

I think this topic is a good candidate for a new page on this site.

You didn't leave a name when you posted this question, but I hope this helps you a little.

There are tax consequences to exchanges of property, so when you have your taxes done, please have a knowledgeable CPA or tax consultant take a look at this for you.

If I can be of further assistance, let me know.


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