Accurate accounting for layers and broilers business

by Sirra Sambou
(Banjul, The Gambia)

Hi Kathy,

I have poultry 2500 layers and 500 broilers but I have no idea how to record the daily activities accurately. Example the eggs my staff collects daily and if they stealing how can I detect it and stop the stealing?

Thank you so much


Hi Sirra,

Wow. That's a good question.

You can have them record each layer's production daily, but with 2500 layers I don't know if that's feasible for you. And you can't stop them from picking 4 eggs, then recording 3 eggs and pocketing 1 egg.

You have a distinct problem because your product is the output of an animal, not a machine.

I would suggest security cameras. That has nothing to do with accounting, but that's the only way to see if your employees are stealing that I can think of.

Or you could assign someone to oversee the layer operation, sort of middle management. They could watch the people gathering the eggs.

In accounting, we have what we call Internal Controls, which calls for separation of duties. Like never have the same person check incoming products, and ok purchase orders. This could encourage theft.

I would encourage you to keep written record of your egg production. Also have employees report the number of eggs they pick each day. You can keep an eye on these numbers and see if there is any fluctuation.

Sorry I can't be of much help.


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