accounts department on Interior and Exterior firm

by Noor
(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

I am the only one and first employee of accounts and finance department. how can i start my tasks? there are expenses and revenues. but how can i sort out these tasks? is there any other tasks to do for a company?



It would help to know the level of your knowledge of accounting, and if the company you work for has a computerized accounting system or not.

If they do, your first task would be to utilize the help feature to learn about the software, and how to write checks and make deposits.

If the company you work for is using a manual accounting system, and nothing has been started yet, check out my ebook on starting and using a manual accounting system at this link:

If they already have a manual system in place, I suggest studying it to see if you can just continue that system, or maybe you can adjust it to work better, if you have the knowledge and experience in accounting.

Basic bookkeeping consists of recording revenue and making bank deposits, and recording expenses and paying bills/writing checks, etc.

So start with that.

Are there checks that need to be deposited? Are there bills that need to be paid?

When there are employees, there is payroll to calculate and payroll taxes to pay. Check out my pages on payroll - see the navigation bar at left.

I have no knowledge of foreign payroll methods, however. You'll have to investigate and ask questions in your country for that task.

I don't feel like I've been much help, but if you can give more specifics - like what's your accounting experience, what kind of business your new employer is in, and what kind of accounting system your new employer has - then I could give you some better answers.

Just as an aside:

I am working on some E-Courses right now that would show how to start a manual accounting system, and courses that will show how to handle other accounting issues as well. I'll be posting information on these in my blog and in my newsletter when they become available.

Thanks for coming by, and good luck with your new job!


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