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If you've found this page, my 'About Me' page, you're more than likely searching for small business accounting help. Maybe you're trying to do it all yourself.  Or maybe you're the spouse of a small business owner and have found yourself in the Bookkeeper position without really knowing what you got yourself in for.  Well, I'm here to help. My mission is to help you make your business become more profitable.

So here's a little about me. My name is Kathy, and I've been in the Accounting field for over 25 years. After I received my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration I started working for a small CPA firm. There I learned the basics of providing bookkeeping services for all types of businesses, from bars to restaurants to retail shops to contractors to small manufacturers. I did client write-up (accounting lingo for bookkeeping service), payroll, and taxes.

Since then I've worked as the controller for a small manufacturer and for a service business that had multiple locations. I was in charge of every aspect of Accounting including: cash management, reconciliations, inventory, receivables, job costing, payables, and month-end. 

I've analyzed financial statements and cashflow, prepared financial projections, worked with budgets, and analyzed income and expenses.

Today, I've set up this website to provide small business owners and bookkeepers a source for learning accounting basics so you can keep your own books.  And do so confidently.  Check out my selection of ebooks and courses.  Every so often I throw in a Webinar, too.  So you definitely want to be on my email list so you get first notice of new courses and webinars.

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The importance of Accounting Services

You need to monitor your costs, keep your prices high enough to cover those costs (plus enough for a profit), and keep your customers happy. If the cost of manufacturing a good (or offering a service) doesn't pay you enough to cover your overhead, and some profit, the business isn't going to prosper.

It's also necessary to take a look at your expenses on a regular basis, and shop your vendors to get the best price and service. There are many things you can do to keep your business healthy.

I've seen a business prosper, and I've seen a business go under. I know the signs. If you're concerned about your business, I do offer limited one on one consultations.  Use the box above to email me.

I want to help you keep your business healthy and growing.  And I do that by teaching you Accounting.  I want you to have the tools and knowledge to keep your own books.