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Inventory getting you down? Try my QuickBooks Inventory Tutorial.  I'll show you, via screen shots and text, how to set up Inventory in your QuickBooks account, purchase inventory items, use inventory items, and adjust inventory items.  Also, learn to pull a quick report to see all activity for your inventory items.

Inventory accounting is an important part of your small business accounting system.  You have a lot of your money tied up in inventory, and you want to track it so you know how many items you have.  If the items on the floor don't match the quantity in your accounting, you know something is up.  You can more easily track costs with inventory items in a computer software package than you can manually.  It does take a little time, though.

Do you have QuickBooks accounting software, but aren't sure how to keep track of your inventory in the software?

My PDF ebook, QuickBooks Inventory Tutorial, will show you how.  I use screen shots to walk you thru the process.

You'll learn:

  • How to make sure your QuickBooks is set up for Inventory tracking
  • How to set up an Inventory Item
  • How to purchase inventory items in the software
  • How to adjust inventory item quantity and value
  • How to 'use' inventory when you invoice customers
  • How to pull a quick report to see all purchases, uses, and adjustments made to inventory during a certain time period.
The neat thing about QuickBooks is the ability to double click on an entry and instantly see the detail on that amount.  This will help you make sure you can account for each increase or decrease in inventory.

The ebook is in PDF form, so easily readable on many devices.  It is 20 pages in length, and full of screen shots with text and arrows showing you each step in the process.

When you purchase this ebook, QuickBooks Inventory Tutorial, I am available via email if you have questions pertaining to your specific situation.  So you can feel comfortable knowing that you you're getting a lot of value for your money.  I work thru PayPal, so you know the purchase is secure.

Fill in the form below to purchase.  I use PayPal, because you can purchase using a credit card, you don't have to have a PayPal account.  Once you purchase, you will be sent an email with a link to the ebook.  So you'll have immediate access to your information.

Thank you very much for your purchase. 

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