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Small business Ebooks and Ecourses to help you be more profitable

These Ebooks and Ecourses have been designed to help you keep your own books and manage your business.  In order to run a growing, profitable business, you need good accounting records.

You've put a lot of yourself into your small business. You want it to grow and prosper.

An accounting system will help you:

  • track your sales and your expenses
  • see trends and react to them before they hurt your business
  • record every business transaction so you don't miss any deductions
  • Have proper records to hand to your tax accountant at the end of the year
  • make good business decisions

I can show you how to create and use a simple accounting system. I've been keeping books for small businesses for over 20 years. I started out with a CPA firm, and then worked as the controller for small businesses. I can help you set up a simple set of books that's easy to keep and easy to understand. I can help you as you grow your business, too, by helping your learn how to read financial statements and be your own profit consultant. The Ebooks and Ecourses listed here are written by me, for you, in easy to understand language.

Save money and time by learning small business accounting skills in your own home, at your own schedule, with these Ebooks and Ecourses.

accounting for small business ecourse

In this Ecourse you will learn a simple, easy to follow system to create and use a manual accounting system.  This system uses 3 accounting journals - cash receipts journal, cash disbursements journal, and a general journal - to record all of your business transactions each month.

The Ecourse is made up of 10 PDF Modules.  I teach you some basic accounting, then show you how to create each journal, how to balance your bank statement, what to do at the end of each month, and how to prepare a Balance Sheet and Income Statement (Profit & Loss) from your journals.

I use a mix of illustration and instruction, so it's easy to follow.  I use simple language, not a lot of accounting jargon.

You can use this system in Microsoft Excel (or the Open Office free version) or you can use pen and paper if that's easier for you.

This system is easy to use, and takes very little of your time.  And the rewards are many - once you start keeping track of your sales and expenses, you can see trends, you can analyze your business and make better business decisions.  That will save you money, and make your business more profitable.

You will learn:

  • Some Accounting basics - in plain English
  • How to set up beginning Accounting files
  • How to set up a Chart of Accounts
  • What are Accounting Journals and which ones do you need
  • How to set up a Cash Receipts Journal
  • How to set up a Cash Disbursements Journal
  • How to set up a General Journal
  • Some Payroll Basics
  • How to Reconcile your Bank Statement
  • How to Prepare Financial Statements

This e-course will walk you thru all the steps to setting up your own Accounting System, and has lots of screen shots and examples for you.

I have 3 versions, depending on your needs.

I have the Ecourse by itself - a great training guide and reference.

I have the Ecourse and an Ebook - a one-two punch to help you learn accounting for your small business.

Then, I have the Ecourse and Ebook, plus 2 extra Ebooks and several Excel templates to get you started right away.

Click here for more details on Accounting for Small Business Ecourse.

getting started with quickbooks

The next offering of my Ebooks and Ecourses is aimed at helping those of you who purchase QuickBooks to use for your small business accounting.

Getting Started with QuickBooks is an Ebook that shows you how to do basic activities in QuickBooks - like enter customers and vendors, enter vendor bills and pay them, prepare an invoice and send to your customers, write a check, and more. 

In this step-by-step, accounting training manual, you'll learn how to set up your company and begin keeping the books for your small business bookkeeping.

It will show you how to invoice customers, record customer payments, record bills due, and pay bills—all using easy to follow text and screen prints.

Click here for details on the Getting Started with QuickBooks Ebook.

I have just begun (as the saying goes) to write and develop Ebooks and Ecourses for small business accounting. I am working on one on Budgeting and one on Profitability.

So check back often!

Looking for an Ebook or Ecourse subject you don't see here? Send me an email (use the Contact Me tab above) and let me know.