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small business accounting help

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This is real-life, common sense small business accounting info. No accountant-speak. Just plain english and plain help.

Not sure how to calculate payroll? I'll tell you how. What about accounts receivable? Are your customers paying on time? I have a process for you to follow. Not sure what paperwork to keep and for how long? I'll tell you that too.

All this from someone who's been there. I've been working in the small business accounting field for over 20 years now. I've worked with all kinds of businesses. I'll show you how to keep your business running and prospering.


Learn how to:

1 - handle your accounts receivable (who owes you)

2 - manage accounts payable (who you owe)

3 - calculate your own payroll (people who call you boss)

4 - read a financial statement and how to prepare your own

5 - prepare a budget

6 - analyze your cash flow


accounting help Take control of your business!

Don't let it intimidate you!

You can do this!

Just choose a topic from the list below or from the buttons to your left to start learning more about small business accounting.

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Basic Accounting Concepts, in simple, common-sense language.
Simple basic accounting information so you can keep the books for your own small business.
accounting glossary
Accounting Glossary - definitions of basic accounting words and concepts
small business accounting systems
Small business accounting systems are easy to set up yourself!
Accounts Payable help for your Small Business.
How to handle Accounts Payable for your small business.
Accounts Receivable help for your small business.
Accounts Receivable - making sales on credit, tracking, collecting.
small business tips
small business tips - FREE accounting help for your business
Accounting Help Sales
accounting help sales is a discussion of small business sales and how to account for them, track them
Small Business Financial Statements
Financial Statements for your small business, get help reading them and preparing them.
How To Do Payroll made Simple for your Small Business
How to do payroll for your small business, terms explained, steps outlined!
How to Calculate Payroll for your Small Business
How to Calculate Payroll. Gross wages, payroll taxes, net pay calculations for small business .
cash management accounting help for your small business
Cash management skills to help you grow and maintain your small business
small business financing help
small business financing - types of small biz loans, how to secure a loan, accounting for loans
Accounting Help BLOG
Information for small business owners on starting bookkeeping, setting up files, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, financial statements, taxes and more.
accounting store
accounting supplies
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